It really is that simple

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Rest easy, I’ve got you. I know your heart and when you ask me to guide you into my best for you, I really do take you at your word.

And I’m not trying to catch you out or trip you up. My desire is relationship, doing life together moment by moment, it really is as simple as that. I don’t have a hidden agenda – I’ve plastered my love for you throughout time and space!

As you move through today, one thing at a time, know that I am with you. Where would I go?! And as you navigate through your day, let me help you leave the unresolved pieces with me. Uncertainty creates tension in your body that you don’t need. Breathe in. Breathe out. I’ve got this.

Remember what Jesus said … refuse to worry about tomorrow. And “tomorrow” includes the pieces you don’t have answers for yet. Refuse to worry about them. Trust that nothing is outside of the remit of my interest. I have a handle on it all.

What that means in practical terms is you can take action and then simply trust that it will be what is needed in that situation. And no matter what the outcome, know that I’m working in all things for your good. “Your good” from my unique perspective is going to sometimes look different to anything you imagined but I am good and you can trust me.

Take heart dear one. You can stop trying so hard to figure it all out. Be you, my child, and move with the certainty that your royal inheritance automatically brings. Move with certainty with me.

I know you feel like we’ve lingered here a lot recently but it’s really important to me that you get this. Be you, with me. That’s all you ever need to do. When you be you with me, the rest will flow from there. It really is that simple.

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