Joy to the world!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Have you ever paused to consider how disappointed Mary could have been when faced with the reality of her son’s entry into the world? She was carrying the Messiah, the long-awaited, much anticipated Saviour. Words concerning him had been poured over for years. And instead of fanfare, he was born into poverty.

You know that if that had been you, you’d have expected a bit of a fuss and humanly speaking, why not? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of care and attention of course, but I had a bigger story to tell. And Mary did a brilliant job of embracing my story and running with it, even when she didn’t really understand what was happening or what was at stake.

Is it possible that your today might be a little less overwhelming than Mary’s day? There might be things that come up today that you don’t really understand. Things might feel confusing within the context of my promises for you. Don’t lose heart! There is joy to be found in this moment.

Some days the joy is evident, sitting on the surface practically waving at you, and those days are glorious. Embrace them. Enjoy them. Savour every delicious moment!

For those days when the joy feels a little more muted know this … I’m with you in every, single moment, even the muted ones. Ask me to open all of your senses. I want to help you see the joy with you right now. You might feel like you need to dig deep but you’re not digging alone. I am with you, always. Yes, I’m saying it again because I cannot let you forget it. I love you and I am always with you. Step into this moment with me, with love, and together we will impact today in a way that you didn’t see coming.

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