Less really is more

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

This time you spend with me is precious and I am guarding it fiercely! And this isn’t just for you. You’re special yes, as special as every one of my precious dear children, and I’m inviting all of my children to be still and know that I am God. The problem we have is that too often, you and others believe the lie that you have to do all the things.

What if less really is more? Less busy. Less tasks. Less inputs. Less chasing. The only thing you really need more and more of is me. Being with me is never time wasted! You’ve fallen for the lie that I’m not practical, that I can only speak in riddles and that simply is not true.

You wondered why the book of Numbers is so important? It’s a physical reminder of my interest and ability in the minutia of life. I am incredibly practical. The more you ask me questions, asking expecting an answer, the more space you give me to demonstrate my practicality. Moses had the specifications for the tabernacle. Noah built an ark. David penned a song book. Ask me what we’re going to create together next. Ask, expecting an answer, remember?

And those ideas I’ve already given you? What if you allowed us to explore those things more too? Ask me if they’re for now and, if so, what our next step is. One step at a time, asking and receiving, asking and hearing, that’s how we build life together.

And yes, this is for everyone but not every person is ready for this way of moving yet. Don’t let that stop you! Invite others along for this wild and wonderful ride and then trust me to ensure that the right people will receive when they’re ready. And in the meantime? You keep doing this with me. I love doing life with you!

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