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If you enjoy the podcasts, you're going to love it inside The Blue House! #justsaying

"Since joining I've launched several programs and written a book, and I'm in the process of pursuing a big scary thing that I don't know how I'm going to do, but I'm doing it anyway.

El and the other members have become people who are always there, and always have an encouraging word for me. I am welcomed with love and patience, and I adore every single thing about the community." - Amanda Krill

"Over the last twelve months as I’ve navigated losing my Dad, rebuilding my marriage and publishing two books through Youier Media, all the while being “me”ier, the safe space in community has been wonderful. I love it and I think you will too!" - Carolyn Street

"I seriously would not be as far along as I am now in many of my life and business goals if not for this group and El's faithful and encouraging leadership. In fact, I'd venture to say that I'd either be only slightly along or not even started. The value of this group is incalculable to me." - Donna Maukonen