Live in me, live in love

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Letting go is as simple as stepping into this moment with me. Don’t make a drama out of letting go. You don’t need a three step plan for that either! And stop trying to overthink it. Taking every thought captive and making it obedient to Christ is as much about overthinking as it is about the specifics of your thoughts.

You have the mind of Christ and you are victorious! Let the truth of that seep into your core. Ask me what it looks like to live victorious in this moment. And then the moment after that and the moment after that. Flowing moment by moment with me.

There are going to be days when you’re going to find yourself coming back to me for a reminder more than once. I’m happy to do that, it builds our relationship and helps you learn. I never condemn you for your need to return to me. I want you to return to me. It’s where you were created to live.

Live life in a constant state of returning to me and you will meet with victory. And the more you keep returning to me, the more victorious you will feel. Understand that this isn’t about keeping you down or oppressed. I came to bring you life, fully alive, fully human. 

The enemy will whisper that you need to return to me because of your wicked state. He tells you you’ll never be free from your flesh. I invite you to return to me because it’s where you can best experience my love. Wickedness is not part of my vocabulary, it does not even cross my mind!

Live in me. Live in love. Ask me to help you experience how treasured and adored you are in a new way today. If you would only know my heart for you, letting go would feel like breathing!

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