Loosen up!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What if you held loosely to the invitations? They were never yours to control anyway so what might it look like if you eased your grip and stopped holding on so tightly? I’m not suggesting you sleepwalk through life, there is a plan and a purpose that I’m inviting you to walk out with me. With me remains key though and when you hold on too tightly, you stifle my flow.

Your heavy grip chokes the life and fun out of what we’re doing together, that’s why I’m suggesting you ease up a little. There are so many different ways I want to surprise and delight you. Give me the freedom to do that. And yes, there’s that word again: freedom. You thought that word was just for you but it is impacting many different areas of life, and not just yours!

I’m not saying this to chastise you and your tight grip isn’t the reason why things are taking longer than you think they should, not directly at least. You’re not that powerful!

Things are taking longer than you think they should because your view is limited but the timing is perfect because it is my timing.

Your tight grip makes you feel more tense and that simply ruins your experience of this journey together. Lighten up. Have fun with me. Hear the invitations, follow the nudges, explore the promises with me – and then let me help you flow with grace and ease.

And stop trying to navigate! You don’t need to tell me where we’re going, I see the end from the beginning. I haven’t taken you off course. You don’t need to redirect the route. I know exactly what I’m doing. This adventure might look different to what you were expecting but when you loosen up and let me flow, you’re flowing into my best for you, moment by moment, day by day.

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