Loved, treasured and adored crazy person

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow! Two thousand years ago it was finished, the curse was broken. Jesus did it, it is done! Hallelujah!

Now it’s about moving through each day with an awareness of my ever nearness. My Kingdom will grow and grow until every nation will let me love them.

I know that seems ridiculous when compared with the news headlines but I’m so much more than a headline! Nothing is impossible for me and I’ve been preparing this moment since eternity.

What you see is not all there is. Let me open all of your senses. I am moving. My love is expanding. I knew what religion would do to this world’s understanding of my love but I am not bound by religion. There’s always been a remnant who could see my love beyond religion and through that remnant, all of creation will know my love.

All scripture is me-breathed, I authored it all, even the messy and uncomfortable bits, and all of it is useful for teaching, correcting and opening your eyes to my love. The filter of my love changes everything and that’s where Holy Spirit comes in.

Every time you read or hear something that doesn’t sit well with your understanding of me, my very being, ask me to help you understand what’s really going on.

Yes, scripture is beautiful, my living word, but the curse can twist even the most holy of moments. That’s why Jesus came, to break the curse and invite you back into your original design. 

You don’t need to let anyone else’s blindness stop you from experiencing my love and you’re not here to convince anyone. Holy Spirit is moving and I’m instead simply inviting you to move with me, moment by moment.

Yes, give an answer when you’re asked from where your hope comes, but let me help whisper the words because I know what that person needs. You won’t always see the fruit but every time you show up with me, in love, it always makes a difference.

I am breaking off so much baggage and yes, I know that sometimes feels uncomfortable, you feel like a crazy person, but you’re a loved, treasured and adored crazy person and you can trust me.

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