Moment by moment

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

If you could step into the new season with just one daily action, make it ‘moving with me moment by moment’ and you’d see your life radically transformed! And yes, I know that sounds too good to be true to you and you’re feeling a huge amount of resistance as you even entertain that idea. Allow me to explore the thought with you for a moment because it’s an important one. That’s why we’re considering it together again.

Because no, this isn’t the first time you’ve heard the reminder of the power of doing life with me and we’ve already spent some time considering the importance of each moment so why not the two together?

That battle you feel inside of you isn’t from me. The pull to other distractions is the enemy trying to stop you from learning the real power at your disposal when you do life with me moment by moment.

Let the battle encourage you to press forward because if “moment by moment with me” is causing this much push back, that can mean only one of two things: either I’m trying to nudge you in a different direction or you have the enemy running scared! I would never try to nudge you away from doing life with me which leaves only one other possibility.

Celebrate this moment! And embrace life with me, it really is what you were created for and my very best for you. Ask me to help you as you explore what that looks like within the context of who I created you to be.

And understand that I’m not asking you to drift, I have a plan and a purpose for your life. What I am saying is that when you spend time with me, do life with me, live with me day by day, my plan and purpose for your life will unfold so much more naturally. And it will be fun! I love doing life with you, of that you can be certain.

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