My original design and intent

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Joy and delight in my presence was always part of my original design for you. I didn’t create you for striving. The more you step into living life as I intended it, the more you can expect to have those moments of joy.

Yes, the world is broken and does not yet fully reflect my ultimate best but you mustn’t let the darkness snuff out your light! Recognise the broken and move when and how I nudge you to help heal but don’t let it dim your light. You don’t dispel the darkness by dimming the light. Darkness flees when you shine at full volume!

However, darkness can only even be present because of the light. Darkness is the absence of light. Shadows are cast when an object blocks the light. This is true in the physical but it’s a mirror of what happens in the spiritual too because, from my perspective, there’s no separation between the physical and the spiritual. All of it simply is.

How then can you help bring healing to the hurt places? By showing up full to the top in my love, joy and delight. When you embrace my original intent for you, fully alive, fully human, living in that moment by moment relationship with me, you ooze joy!

The light shines so brightly from you in those moments that it will cause the darkness in another to rise up. As you shine with my love, fear must flee and that’s not always going to look pretty!

Yes, we’re back to “messy” again. You’re going to have to let me help you get comfortable with a bit of mess if you want to move into everything I have for you. It’s your choice though. This has always been an invitation. Just know that when you choose to embrace the mess, when you say “amen!” to everything I’m bringing to you, all of heaven rejoices!

And none more so than me. I have so many glorious and wonderful adventures for us and I simply need your amen.

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