Nothing is accidental

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What if nothing was accidental? What if everything you’re drawn to, the things in life that enrich you and the world around you, were all part of my story? Take your favourite colour, for example. As you look around you and your eye is pulled towards different colours and textures, your favourite colour is no accident. It might feel random but everything is connected and I am moving and speaking in so many different ways.

As you ponder on your life thus far, the choices you made, the choices others made for you, the places you’ve visited, the places you’ve called home, what if I’ve been at work in all of it? Because I have. It feels random to you but when viewed from the long-range vision of eternity, there is planning and provision at play.

Yes, provision. You don’t always see it and it often doesn’t show up in the way you thought it would but I am working in all things, leading and guiding, lavishing my love in so many different ways.

I simply need you to be open to receiving all of it. What if you moved forward from today simply embracing everything that happens, navigating it with me?

And no, some of the things aren’t going to be easy and no, I don’t will you to be hurt or let down. Reject any whisper that the hard stuff is punishment from me or me moving to bring you back into my will. That’s warped theology and not of me!

When you move forward into each moment with me, following the nudges and allowing me to whisper to you through each and every happening, you will be transformed in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine.

That’s what it means to live in relationship with me and I love it when we do life together. Ask me to show you what life together can look like and prepare to be dazzled!

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