Nothing is off limits

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I see and know the end from the beginning. Some of the pieces that look messy or untouchable to you are pure beauty to me! An empty tomb. A valley of dry bones. A life that feels washed up and wasted. I work with all things, turn all things to good. Nothing is impossible for me!

It’s time to stop considering things from the perspective of logic or common sense and instead let me pour my wonder and majesty into every dead and dry and barren situation in your life. You think it feels too much for you? You can’t see how? You don’t have the answers? Perfect! You were never meant to try and figure it out on your own. I want us to do this together. 

Consider this your invitation to bring to me every single thing that is a worry or frustration or cause of angst in your life right now. And don’t think “bring to me” is a mental exercise to do inside your head. Yes, your imagination is my playground and there is power in words, both written and spoken.

So tell me out loud or write down in a list all the things that are on your mind right now. What are the problems you feel like you need answers to? Where in your life do you not know how to move next? Who or what is causing you concern? It’s time to lay it all out. It’s time to get real with me in a way you’ve never been real before.

Yes, you think you’ve been real with me but I’m inviting you into a new level of being seen and known. It is time to start taking me at my word, casting every care on me – not just the ones you think are acceptable to bring to me!

There is nothing that I don’t already know of course but there is power in bringing each and all things to me. Yes right now, this is important. And if you think you can’t, bring that to me too. Nothing is off limits!

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