On the brink of a brand new year …

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

The understanding and revelation of my love is expanding. As you pause on the brink of a brand new year, ask me to open all of your senses to receive the fullest expression of my love.

Yes, every new year brings a sense of anticipation but you feel it’s pull more strongly than ever. Don’t discount that pull as simply being a reaction to all that has occurred over the last two years.

The season of waiting is over. Yes, it has been a time of preparation and now I’m inviting, urging, compelling you to embrace what is coming next. The world is poised, holding its breath, just waiting for the move of my love that is coming and you have a part to play in that.

My love will pour out into every corner of the globe. At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow. Don’t trouble yourself with dates and timelines. Instead, step into each brand new day with me. Hear my heart. Follow the nudges.

Keep on, keeping on and reject any lie that causes you to feel disheartened. Likewise, any whisper that there’s no point, that you’re foolish to hope in me and my love is from the enemy and is to be rejected.

Fix your eyes on Jesus. Embrace everything that we’re doing together and allow my joy to sustain you.

There are many glorious days ahead and it is not childish or “fleshy” to enjoy those delightful days. Let me help you see my hand in every moment and those glorious days will multiply!

Ultimately this is about you embracing every aspect of who I created you to be, the plan and purpose for your life, and doing so with me, moment by moment, day by day. Youier! I’m excited for what’s coming next and I love that you’re excited too.

Ask me to open your whole being to receive the fullness of the days ahead.

No, not every day will be easy and I’m not promising you a tear-free life. You will have hard days but I am with you in every single moment. I love you more than you can possibly know and I long to pour more of my love into your life right now today, and in the days ahead.

Cling to me. Walk with me. And look forward to everything we will enjoy together.

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