One question I love to answer directly …

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I have so many ways to speak and share my heart with you. Learning is great but sitting with me, hearing my heart, is better. Rest in me. Let me love you, strengthen you, sustain you. Even the most nutritious meal will make you sick if you eat it when you’re already full. That’s true in the spiritual too. The physical is a mirror for the spiritual.

You worry that if you don’t watch, read or listen to something that you might miss out on a word from me. Impossible! I have your ear and I’m always talking. There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to hear everything I have for you so stop striving to read it all, watch it all, hear it all.

Instead, what if we took it moment bt moment, input by input? Ask me, “is this for me?” Because yes, I can speak to you through any word, any book, any message and because your ear is tuned to my whisper, you catch it, but not every word is for you. There are other ways that I can whisper to you. I’m very creative!

You mask your desire to not miss out by pretending. You long to hear me and you pretend that watching or reading the next thing will help with that but really you’re just afraid of missing out.

Yes, I reveal things to my people and yes, you can learn rom others but you cannot consume everything. There aren’t enough hours left in your life. It’s time then to be intentional and the very best way to do that is to be intentional with me.

“Is this for me right now?” is a great question, one that I delight in answering directly. And even if the answer isn’t what you were hoping for or expecting, you can have confidence because my answer is formed from my best for you.

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