Open the box and let me in

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

The only box you’ll ever find me in is the one I climb into to reach you. There is no road I won’t journey down to meet with you and I’m inviting you to live with that same sense of openness and connection as you do life with the people around you.

I am holy and you are doing life with me through the lens of Jesus’s birth, death and resurrection. That gives you a different level of access. You don’t need to be afraid of approaching me. There is nothing off limits or unavailable to you.

What if you lived today with both these truths at play? I’m inviting you to be all things to all people and to claim the kind of access to me that your ancestors could only dream of.

As such, you don’t need to be afraid when someone comes to you with an unfamiliar way of expressing something. Yes, weigh all things in light of the bible, test all words that claim to come from me, but do so with an open heart.

I know your heart, your deep desire to move with me, so if you let me lead you in all things, even the way you do life with people, I won’t guide you wrong.

Take me at my word. Claim all the gifts I have for you, the very first one being my Spirit. I am with you always. Leading, teaching, comforting, explaining, guiding … I’m very good at being Me so why not let me have the fullest access you know how to give?

And understand that if you need help giving me full access, I make that easy for you too. You simply need to ask me! I am pouring out my Spirit on young and old, all people, with no regard for position or ability. You only need to open the box and let me in. Nothing could be simpler!

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