Our journey together

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You really need to stop looking at other people’s adventures through rose-tinted glasses. You only see the pieces on display. You don’t see the fight, the battles, the blood, sweat and tears along the way. A picture might paint a thousand words but what if those “words” aren’t truthful or are only part of the story? What if there is more going on than you can see? Yes, you’ve heard that before and yes, I’m smiling too.

There really is so much more going on than you know and when you slip into comparison mode, you risk getting paralysed. Your journey with me is between us, it’s our relationship and whilst I love you to get excited about and share the things we’re doing tother, keep pointing people to me.

You’ve heard it said that I don’t show favouritism, that if I did it for him I can do it for you? “God is no respecter of person”, you’ve been told. I can do it, I can do anything, but that doesn’t mean I will. You asked me to help you flow in my best for you and not everything I can do is best for you.

I don’t show favouritism as it relates to relationship with me. Jesus died for the world, for everyone, and I want everyone to return to me. If you look at the whole conversation Peter had, that’s what that phrase really means but my children love to pick and choose which of my words they cling to. Sound bites and bumper stickers, they make for great encouragement!

But when those phrases you’ve been poorly taught risk tripping you up, then it’s time for us to look at them again. I can do anything and if someone’s story resonates with you, that might be me trying to get your attention so bring everything to me. Ask me what I’m saying to you through what you’re hearing or reading. Ask, expecting an answer and let us journey together.

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