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Live in my love!

Live in my love!

We’ve explored this before but it’s important for you to remember that you can always hear me. Those little nudges that lead to incredible conversations are from me. It really doesn’t need to feel complicated or confusing to hear me!

And no, you don’t need to announce, ‘thus said the Lord’ every time you follow a nudge. Let me help you share my heart in ways that can be received by others. I love the world, I want to woo everyone into relationship, and I am playing the long game. You don’t need to crowbar mention of me into every conversation.

Instead, follow the nudges, allow me to move and show up in ways far beyond your imagination - and then tell the stories of my goodness. Allow us to journey together, trusting the process, and when anyone asks you about the source of your joy, then you have the opportunity to share my love and goodness in a deeper way.

Light every moment of your day with my love and you’ll never grow weary and lose heart. Moving and living and navigating your day through the lens of my love brings lightness and joy to your soul in a way that nothing else can. Live in my love!

“Worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it.” 1 Peter 3:15b

Journal prompt: What story would you like to tell through me today?

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