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Stop trying so hard!
Stop trying so hard!

You set yourself incredibly high standards and whilst this is to your credit, you have got to be kind to yourself! You expect things from yourself that you would never expect of other people so give yourself the same grace you extend to the people around you.

One of the joys of doing life in community is the impact you can make on others - and the impact they make on you. One of the challenges of doing life in community is that you get to make mistakes out loud, in public, in real-time! Transparency and vulnerability can only be earned by modelling it to others. If you refuse to let people in, how can you possibly expect to see it returned to you?

This is not about washing dirty laundry in public. This is about nurturing a safe space. Safe for the people around you and safe for you too. You don’t have to be perfect so stop trying so hard!

“You must love your neighbour in the same way you love yourself.” Mark 12:31 TPT

Journal prompt: In what specific areas of my life do I need to extend myself grace?


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