Real life, not religious life

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Those times when you wake up feeling a bit like a crazy person, what if that’s your spirit dancing with My spirit? What if that feeling you get is you accessing something bigger than the world you see around you? What if instead of allowing that feeling to intimidate you, you asked me to help you relax into it?

Know this … the more that we do life together – real life, not religious life – the “crazier” you can expect to feel. And understand that you’re not crazy, you simply don’t have the language to articulate something that for most people is not a part of their reality. It’s like trying to explain the colour red to a blind person or the sound of a waterfall to the person born deaf. It’s not a part of their reality and there’s a limit to what words can do.

But the blind will one day see, the deaf will hear that waterfall, and one day every person will see and feel and experience the reality of life with me. Some people are going to need a bit more time but that’s okay, I have all the time in the world. I literally created time so it will never be the boss of me!

What am I inviting you to do in the meantime? Embrace life with me! You have no control over other people’s journey into relationship with me, that’s all on me, and yet you have a part to play in the story. When you embrace life with me, when you hear my heart and act on the invitations I whisper to you, your story becomes part of the wider story.

Trust the ripples and understand that you’re not the one in charge of where the pebble lands! Embrace and enjoy everything that we’re doing together because yes, this life, this adventure with me, is so much more than you ever knew. Relax into life with me, have fun with me, and smile because I love it when you smile!

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