Reject the lie and come to me!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Not every thought or feeling that passes through your mind is of me. Those times when you wake up feeling discouraged, lethargic or simply like you just don’t want to, ask me what’s going on. Allow me to encourage you, allow me to remind you of all the ways your life with me is wonderful, allow me in and be real with me about what’s going on.

When even your most discouraging thoughts or feelings send you running into my arms, you’ll have learned one practical way to take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it instead to my good. And every time you choose to do that, I’m cheering you on!

I know you love doing life with me, that’s not being called into question. Sometimes you’re going to find yourself tired and vulnerable and that’s when the enemy will try and take you out.

Notice the circumstances that surround the attack. Are you more vulnerable when you’ve spent the day showing up for everyone else? Or maybe there are people who tend to leave you feeling spent? Or maybe you’re most depleted when you haven’t had enough interaction with the good people in your life?

Consider this your invitation to start noticing more of your internal world. It’s where you and I can play freely so I want to help keep your internal world in tiptop condition. Not because I can’t deal with the mess but for your benefit. You can hear me more clearly when your mind is sharp.

And remember that any time this all feels too hard, bring those feelings to me too. You are going to face challenges but you only face them alone if you choose to. I’d prefer to face them head on with you, stand together side by side, and we can only do that when you bring all things to me. And reject any lie that tells you you must clean your act up first. Reject the lie and come to me!

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