Relationship, not religion

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

We are in relationship. Jesus told you this would happen when I came and lived in you. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. What does that mean? It means I am living in you! And yes, I know that sounds incredible to you. God in you? How can that be? That’s how good I am!

You must not let other people detract or distract you from our relationship. What we have is precious to me and no, not everyone will get it, some will call you crazy, but name-calling doesn’t make it any less so.

Just because someone is older than you or more educated than you, even if they can quote the Greek or Hebrew at you, doesn’t mean that what we have is wrong. The enemy will use any and every trick in the book to throw you off course, including taking the words of other people and using them against you.

People mock what they don’t know or understand. Let them mock! Their words don’t change what we have. You’re not here to persuade those with insults. Show up all you, with me, in love. That’s all I ever ask of you. And always me-helping you. You’re not will powering your way to love. No striving. Rest in me and our relationship. Relationship, not religion.

Relationship frees you to be with me in a way that religion never can. And of course, share the joy you have, I am wooing everyone with relationship one way or another. Just know that I see and hold together the end from the beginning. You can let go and stop worrying about how all the pieces fit together.

Be you, with me, full to the top with my love. That’s the focus – and know that you do hear from me and no-one can take that way from you.

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