Relentless in my pursuit of you

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Everything works together for good. Every thing, even the pieces that play out differently than you expect. This is one of the reasons why I keep reminding you to let go of the outcome. You are not the god of the outcome, it’s not yours to micro-manage!

You consider and you imagine but what if my ways and my plans are so much bigger and more vast than you can possibly dream? They are!

I know you’ve been disappointed in the past but it’s time to reject disappointment. When you let go of the outcome and instead simply follow the nudges, one step at a time, it will become easier for you.

Stop worrying what the people around you might think. Live this with me, moment by moment. I will not let you down!

The energy you pour into trying to manage all the possible outcomes would be better spent with me. Ask me your questions. Ask, expecting an answer. Ask, safe in the knowledge that whilst I might not always give you the answer you anticipate, I will answer you.

And if you’ll let me, I’ll guide you into my best for you. Moment by moment, you and me together.

You can have fun with me! Made in my image, who do you think you get your playfulness from? The joy you feel when you hear laughter, that’s my joy! I adore seeing my children smile, hearing their laughter. It delights me. You delight me.

I’m so much more than you grew up understanding and even now, you’re just getting started! That’s why we need all of eternity to explore love together. It’s so rich, so deep. And nuanced. Like the many shades of blue that delight you, so my love has many shades and hues.

That’s why love is central to your whole life. There are so many songs, stories, poems and pictures about love. Love is all around you because I am love and my love is multi-faceted. It seeps into human consciousness, despite the curse, because every human is made in my image.

At your core you are connected to me, always have been and always will be. And I am drawing humanity to me, wooing you with my love. It’s always been about love and it’s time to reject any word that suggests otherwise.

I am love and I am God and I am relentless in my pursuit of you! Ask me for an upgrade if your understanding of me falls short of this. I want to be known by you, personally and powerfully. Try me. I will not let you down!

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