Say yes

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You were created in my image to be in relationship with me, to walk out day to day life with me, being led and guided by the King of Kings. 

And know this … Ultimately, everyone will bow at the name of Jesus. Everyone will ultimately step into the fullness of Youier, doing day to day life with Jesus, it’s simply that I’ve given you a bit of a head start. 

If “the end” is all you’re focussed on, if all you’re hoping for is a ticket into heaven then sure, working from the assumption that you could know when you would die, then there would be no real “point” in walking this out with me right now. 

But why wouldn’t you bring heaven to earth and step into the fullness of you being Youier right now? Why wait? Doing life with me is what you were handcrafted for, it’s built into your operating system, it’s in your DNA.

Until you step into active day to day life with me, you’re not fully alive, fully human. Doing life with me is what humanity was dreamed into existence for. To be human is to do life with me. That’s the whole point of it.

The “end goal” is to walk so closely with heaven right now, to be so in touch with me and my leading and guiding your life, that you might barely notice as you “fall asleep” in this life and “wake up” in the next. That is the goal. Life with me, period. 

I am wooing the world with my love, there is no-one outside of my love, no-one out of reach or unlovable. You simply get to choose when you say “yes” to my love. You get to choose when to start living it out. My advice? My heart’s desire? Say yes today. I love doing life with you!

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