Slap bang in the centre of my love

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

One moment at a time, one day at a time. You’re going to have to be patient because yes, you’re coming home, the world is coming home, but coming home the long way round.

You really can’t force it. That’s why it is so important to enjoy the journey because if you’re going to be journeying a while, why not enjoy it? Make it the most fun, enriching journey possible?

It’s okay to expect this life to be fun. It’s okay to expect to have fun with me. Childlike wonder and delight, remember? That’s what this world needs more of. Childlike, not childish. Expecting and embracing the delight in each moment.

You were never created to be stuffy and serious. Lighten up and embrace everything about what it means to be you. Yes, I know life has delivered some hard blows. Things happen to make you believe it wasn’t safe to be childlike but I am breaking off every lie.

You don’t need to “grow up”, you need to “grow into”. Grow into my love. Grow into my arms. Grow into fully alive. Like a flower opening its petals before the warmth of the sun, it’s time for you to open up and grow into everything I created you to be.

When you do that, when you grow into life with me, you will be the most alive you’ve ever been! It’s entirely possible for you to live the life I created for you, free from the curse of Adam. You can live my original intent for you, right here, right now.

You don’t have to wait for the age to come so why wait? I know the end from the beginning and I knew you and saw you as I created the whole world so why not let me help you live that life right now?

It won’t be perfect, there will be struggles and trials because of the curse, but let me love you. Let me dance with you into each new day and moment by moment you’ll find yourself living slap bang in the centre of my original intent, slap bang in the centre of my love!

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