Stop putting so much pressure on yourself!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself! When did this life be about you trying really, really hard? When I invited you to give everything to me, I meant it. I am the God of the outcome. It’s not on you!

You really can flow through today with grace and ease. I know that feels like a joke, especially on those days when your to-do list is overflowing, but as much as I love to have fun with you, when it comes to you and grace, I’m not messing around!

What that means is you can stop feeling so pent up and on edge. You can stop mentally listing all the things you haven’t done yet. You can stop doing things for me and instead rest in the warmth of my love for you.

Yes, there are often going to be things that I invite you to explore with me, things to do, but that’s never about doing things for me. You’re not putting on a stage play with me in the audience scoring you out of ten. Incidentally, if life were a stage play, I’d be right there next to you, delivering some amazing lines!

But life is not a performance. You don’t need to impress anyone. Instead, ask me to help you embrace the fullest expression of relationship. Ask me to help you move through today with me, moment by moment.

This moment is all there is and this moment is precious to me. Ask me to open all your senses so you can see me in this moment. Ask me what’s making me smile. Ask me what’s on my heart. I have so many glorious things to share with you and to do that I need to show you the joy, delight and wonder in this moment.

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