Talk to me

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Are you going to take me at my word? Do you believe the words I whisper to you, treasure them in your heart and ponder on them? Can you say with Mary, “I am the Lord’s servant. May your word to me be fulfilled.”?

But remember: I don’t think of you as a servant. You are my friend and I love to share my heart with you. A servant doesn’t know his master’s business, he simply does as he is told. It’s time for you to enter into our friendship in a deeper way. Share with me everything that is on your heart and mind and allow me to share everything with you in return. That’s how true friendship is built. Giving and receiving.

So yes, agree with Mary that my words to you will be fulfilled and then ask me questions, converse with me, do life with me. You wish you could have walked with Jesus but you have it so much better than you realise. You are walking with Jesus every step you take!

Let the reality of my presence sink into your understanding anew right now. I am never far from you. There is nowhere you go that I am not with you. When people are with you, they are making space for me, even if they don’t realise it.

Yes, I know that feels huge to you. Don’t get overwhelmed by my presence. Instead, recognise it for the gift that it is. You really do have it so much better than you realise. Every person in the bible who you are secretly envious of, those faithful sons and daughters of mine you look up to, they would have relished the opportunity to do life with me the way you can.

It’s time to stop admiring the pretty wrapping and instead open the gift and embrace it. Ask me to help you. Who better than the Author to guide you? Believe the words I whisper to you, treasure them and ponder on them. And talk to me. That’s how true friendship is built!

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