There is nothing light or frivolous about my heart for you!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It’s all about love. It’s always been about love. And no, not the love you have for your favourite flavour of ice cream! Humanity has relegated love to something light and frivolous. There is nothing light or frivolous about my heart for you!

What if everything you did today was done with the intention of moving with my heart? If every conversation were infused with my love, how might that make a difference?

And it’s intentional, don’t miss that. When you come face to face with some thing or some one challenging, your default is not always going to be love. We get to walk this out together, practicing love, intentionally moment by moment.

Love really is a big deal to me though so I’m happy for us to give this as long as it takes. I want you to become so soaked in my love that it oozes out of you. Bump a coffee cup and whatever is inside will spill out of the top. Bump into you and whatever is in your heart will come out.

I want your heart to be full of me, my love, my way of showing up in the world. That’s what it really means to “seek first the Kingdom”. Seek after my way of loving the world and you can be assured that everything you need will be given to you as well. I am a good Dad and I love showing up for you in ways that delight and surprise you.

So when things unfold in a way that you didn’t see coming, if you experience that from the default position that I am a good Dad, it gives you the freedom to explore each moment with me. When you do that, it makes even the difficult, dark and challenging moments feel less lonely. I am with you, always, Never forget that. I am lavishing you with my love in this and every moment, even when you can’t see it. Because it’s all about love, it’s always been about love.

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