Time is precious

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Time is precious. I move outside of time yes, but you don’t have that luxury, not yet anyway. And yes, I am moving and yes, I can redeem time and I need you to act. There are things I am inviting you to explore with me that are for right now. This moment needs you and this moment requires action.

Not just any action. Action with me, inspired by me, moving with me. This is not about chasing after everything that pops into your mind. You have so many incredible ideas, you’re so creative because that’s how I made you. Consider this your invitation to harness that creativity and take it to a whole new level, with me.

With me is key. The enemy will try and throw you off course, luring you into racing after every idea. That’s not my best for you. Instead, take every thought captive. How? Write it down. Make a list and then bring that list to me and together we can explore what is for now, what is for later, what is for someone else and what is for never.

You don’t need to be afraid of your thoughts, your ideas. I gave you an incredible mind! Instead, let’s move in the wonder of your mind together.

The world will tell you that you can have anything, be anything, do everything. You won’t like hearing this but it is a lie! Hear me … you are incredible, you and I have so many wonderful days ahead together, but when you fall for the lie that you can have and be and do everything, you move out of my best for you.

Instead, allow those creative ideas to enter your mind. Capture them. And then explore them with me. Let’s work together to use time in a way that will empower you towards everything I have for you.

This world needs you to act. Time is ticking away and I don’t want you to miss any of it! And no, this is not a call to striving. This is not a tool or technique to help you squeeze more busy into your day. This is about moving with me, moment by moment, so together we can impact the Kingdom and bring the light of my love into the world. Are you ready?

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