It is time to shine!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

We can’t go back to how things were before. It might seem incredible to you to have conversations with the Creator of the universe but you can and I love it! I will not give this up. That’s what is meant when you read in the bible that I’m a jealous God.

I’m jealous of the time and attention others are given but not in a petty, teenage crush kind of way. I simply yearn to spend time with you. Yes, of course there are many others I could talk to and I do but they are not you. I knew you before you were born, remember? Knew you, saw you, sang songs of delight over you.

“How?”, is the wrong question. “Why?”, is a better one, although the answer may not satisfy you: “Because I can!”

Despite what you’ve been taught, I didn’t create you because I needed an outlet for my love. I am love, yes, but I am complete in myself. That is the beauty and mystery of Trinity. You don’t complete me. You are, however, very precious to me.

I created you in my image because I can. I knew everything that you would be and are still yet to be and I said that you are “very good”. Yes, even on the days you get it wrong. You think your mistakes can limit or ruin what I’m doing? You’re special but you’re not that powerful!

It’s time to rethink “mistakes” because if I can turn all things to ultimate good (I can!) and if I love you with an ever-lasting, never-ending love (I do!) then when you walk this out with me, you don’t need to be afraid of mistakes.

The more that you move in step with me, listening for and following the nudges, even the seemly random and inconsequential ones, the more I can move through you. You don’t need to be afraid because you’re doing this with me, with love, and perfect love, my love, casts out all fear.

There’s no going back now your eyes are opened. It is impossible to unsee once you’ve tasted and seen that I am good. Why would you even want to?! So you can “fit in” and live life with your light dimmed? No way! You are fully alive, fully human, and it is time to shine!

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