Time with my heart is never wasted

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

If you ever believed the lie that I’m not a practical Father, today is the day to challenge that assumption. Think about something as seemingly mundane as how you move through the day, the ways you keep yourself on track.

I know you love a list. It helps you feel organised and releases you from the worry of forgetting. And yes, sometimes that list might be long but what if you let me play with your lists? Because I really am interested in all aspects of your life. Yes, I love you that much! What if we looked at the lists together and you gave me permission to remove things.

Or add things, yes, but I know you, remember? This is about helping you step into my best. You like a long list because it makes you feel safe. With a long list you feel validated, you feel like you must be moving forward by virtue of the fact you have a task list!

But there is a world of difference between moving forward and moving forward with me. You can easily move forward in circles if you don’t move forward with me. And no, I don’t always lead you the quickest route. It really depends on the season but I’m here to help you embrace the joy in the journey and sometimes that means taking the scenic route!

But when you move forward with me, no matter the route, you can be certain of arriving “there” safely. Where is “there”? That’s a bigger question for another time but if you really want to know, ask me! There is no question I won’t answer – I just won’t always answer in the way you expect. If you’re content with that then ask me.

Ask me, safe in the knowledge that I love you, I want to be known by you, and time spent exploring my heart is never time wasted.

You could enjoy a whole day with me, simply allowing me to pour into your life and none of it would be a waste. Allow me to say it again … Time spent exploring my heart is never time wasted!

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