Trust the ripples

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Nothing is wasted. I know you sometimes wonder if some of the things you explore with me or the random adventures we have together really make a difference but know this … all of it makes a difference and nothing is ever wasted. You don’t need to worry about how or when. Instead, simply trust the ripples. And allow me to show you the delight around you, even right now in this moment.

You don’t need to wait until you think you’ve “arrived” to enjoy life. A wonderful life is made up of little incidental moments that make you smile. Yes, you’ll have big days and big moments along the way but if you wait for one of those special occasions to choose to embrace life, you’ll miss out on so many wonderful things I have for you.

The beauty of the sun as it bounces off the water is dazzling! Yes, the pond is a bit dirty and there’s litter on the side of the bank but when you choose to let me show you the wonder in each moment, you gift me the opportunity to help you build a life of joy.

And my joy in you is contagious! You don’t often recognise it but every time you show up with me, full to the top with my love, my joy, my peace, my excitement – yes, I get excited too – you are making a difference in real and tangible ways.

Stop getting hung up by the big moments, the big days, and instead embrace the joy right here, right now, in this moment. And when you can’t see the joy, ask me to open all of your senses so you can experience it because there is joy in this moment.

Sometimes the joy will feel muted or harder to recognise but that’s the benefit of doing life with me. When you’re struggling you can ask me to help you. I’m never far from you, I’m right here with you in this moment, and I love to show up and show off for you!

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