Trust the ripples

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I always have love on my mind. Why? Because I am love. For me to forget or run out of love would be for me to stop being me! As such, whenever you find yourself feeling depleted, running on empty, come back to me, come back to love. Let me help you make love your focus.

Yes, there are things for us to do. I’m not suggesting you sit around passively loving. That would be impossible because there is nothing passive or inactive about love!

There are times though that the day doesn’t go the way you’d planned it to or something comes up that requires you to be flexible and you don’t always enjoy that. You’d like things to be the way you decided they are “meant to be.”

Consider this … what if those things you think of as inconveniences are actually all part of the bigger picture? The things which to you are merely frustrations, irritations stopping you from getting to the real stuff of today, what if those things are important to me?

You interact with people when you run errands, people who you wouldn’t have come into contact with otherwise. If everything “counts”, if every time and place you show up makes a difference, all of those little interactions are making a difference too.

I know you can’t see how which is why I’m inviting you to simply trust the ripples. And see if you can find it in your heart to reconsider those “inconveniences”, me-helping you of course. You don’t need to willpower your way through this remember, we can do this together.

Step into each moment with me, trusting that me through you, loving the people around you, nothing is wasted and when you’re feeling stretched, let me flow through you and make up the difference.

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