We’re going after fear together

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

The world wants to tell you that some fear is a good thing but that’s simply not the case. Caution is not fear. Uncertainty is not fear. Hesitancy is not fear. All of those things can be fuelled by fear but in and of themselves they’re not fear.

So the caution you might have around fire, for example, that’s sometimes mislabelled a “healthy fear” but there’s no such thing as “healthy fear”. If “perfect love casts out fear” and I am love, how can love and fear co-exist? They can’t!

Why am I going after this? Because you feel like there is so much fear in the world right now. There isn’t more fear but your perception of the fear is heightened because of the technological age you live in. Fear has become so common place that instead of asking me to help you combat fear, you’ve taken to removing the inputs that made you fearful.

Yes, I know I invited you to be aware of the inputs coming at you and I stand by that. You will have more space to hear my heart and feel more alive in my love when you’re not being bombarded with messages of fear in the media, for example.

But I don’t simply want to help you live life with me, I want that for all my dear children and you have a part to play in that. Remove the inputs yes, and then ask me to show you how you can help be an antidote for the fear.

Perfect love casts out fear so don’t be surprised when I show you how to love more. And this isn’t about love as a feeling. This is about hearing my heart for every person you come into contact with and sharing that love in tangible, practical ways.

Yes, that will sometimes make you feel uncomfortable, especially those times when you’d prefer to not be peopling, but there’s a lot at stake here. There are people I want to love through you. Perfect love, my love, really does cast out fear and we’re going after it together!

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