What if you expected even more from me today?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I really can exceed all your expectations! When you step into each brand new day with me and allow me to lead and guide you, prepare for the unexpected! You might think you didn’t have many expectations as you stepped into today but I heard you. I know your heart and hear all things, even the things you don’t say.  When you move and flow with me, you give me space and freedom to surprise and delight you. And I love to delight you!

But what if you expected even more today? What if you started today by asking me to help you expand your expectations? And then you moved and flowed with me. I would be unstoppable! There is nothing too impossible for me and I love proving that to you.

Try me. Ask me. I dare you!

And yes, I’m smiling too because I know that you know you can trust me so whilst it might feel ridiculous to let someone dare you into playing today, you can embrace my invitation because I love you. I am for you, not against you, and moving through today in this way is all part of the fun and adventure of doing life together. 

And those times when it doesn’t feel fun? Those times when the day feels troublesome? Bring those moments to me too and let me love you. I am closer than the air that you breath and whilst I love having fun with you, you don’t have to put on a brave face for me. You can be real with me, share what’s really on your heart. Share what’s on your heart, expecting me to comfort you, and then watch and see how I exceed that expectation too! Do you see how this can work? There is nothing I can’t do for you and with you and through you!

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