What next?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Nothing is impossible for me. What you don’t see is how all the pieces fit together. If I moved in the way you want me to, at the speed you want me to, it would be to the detriment of another. And whilst you are precious to me, they are too so instead I move from the perceptive of the whole picture. 

Hold on though, I will not let you down. I know what you need, even when you don’t yet know yourself. And I hear the desires of your heart, the aches and groans, the desire to move in my best. Trust that I hear you and I love you and I am moving, even when you can’t yet see it.

You ask, “how long?” but that’s not the best question right now. A better question would be, “what next?” Because when you move with me, allowing me to lead and guide you, following the nudges and directions one at a time, you never need to be afraid of missing the mark.

You never need to be afraid, period, but I hear you wondering if the delay is because of something you’ve done or failed to do. Give every fear to me. Let me banish uncertainty. I love you with an ever-lasting love and there is nothing I want more than to walk through today with you.

Take every thought captive and run it through the filter of my love. And when it feels difficult, be real with me about that too. Share life with me like you would your best friend. You can tell me anything and, better than your best friend, when you share all of life with me, I can help you move with heaven. Moment by moment, day by day, it really is that simple. 

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