You will not be disappointed

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I’m not holding out on you. That’s a lie from the enemy and it needs to be rejected right now! Instead, know that I am for you, always for you, and moving in ways you can’t yet see. The enemy would love you to believe that there is something in you that is stopping my plan and purpose for your life. The enemy would whisper that you need to try harder, clean up your act, do better.

Understand that I’m always inviting you to grow but I am simply inviting you to grow into my love. Any whisper that leaves you feeling less than is not from me. When I look at you, I see you as the new creation you are because of what your big brother Jesus did. You really haven’t grasped just how complete a job Jesus did!

I understand that from your perspective, some things feel difficult and confusing right now. There is much going on around you, both personally and globally, that you would love to change. You want to step into the fullness of life with me, to live slap bang in the centre of my best for you. Guess what? You are!

Yes, there are areas where you’re waiting for the miracle. Let me help you wait with patience and love. And when things feel especially trying, lean into me. My shoulders are broad enough to hold all your pain and confusion. There is nothing that you can’t share with me. Nothing is off limits.

I promise that when you look back at this moment from my perspective, from the perspective of done, you’re going to love the view! There are miracles and blessings in this moment, you simply haven’t seen them yet. Let me open all your senses to experience the miracle right now. You will not be disappointed!

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