With you in the mess

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Life is messy. If you wait for things to be neatly ordered or lined up before you move forward with the things I’m nudging you about, you’ll take those nudges to your grave! And no, I don’t say that as a threat, this is not about how much time you have left.

Instead, this is about recognising the lies from the enemy. Excellence, not perfection, remember? Perfection will keep you bound, frozen in place, waiting for just the right moment. Excellence is about how you move through the world and when you move forward with me, you can be confident of my excellence going with you.

I say it again … You do not need to have all the answers before you act. Yes, hear my heart and ask me questions, seeking confirmation if a thing does not yet feel set, but once you have your words from me, when you know what it is that I’m inviting you to do or say or explore, do it!

Take the next step. Open your mouth and say the word. Send that email. Write that invitation. Whatever “it” is, do it. You don’t need to read another book before you follow my heart. Books are wonderful, there are so many brilliant resources I have for you, but sometimes that desire to read “just one more” before you move is nothing more than a distraction. 

Even the most divinely inspired words can move you away from the plan and purpose for your life if you’re reading them instead of doing the thing I’m nudging you about. 

And yes, I can of course redeem time. My words are not a threat, remember? This is about helping you step into my best for you. Resist the enemy’s schemes, even when they appear in godly wrapping.

Allow me to whisper into all of your senses. Open your ears to hear and then take action because yes, life is messy, but you don’t need to be afraid of the mess. I’m in the mess, just like I’m in every, single moment with you.

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