You are a joy and a delight to me

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You don’t need a special day to be your “line in the sand”. Instead, embrace being all you, all in. All you, all in, with me – and let me lead and guide you. If reading encouraging words from me via others helps you keep on keeping on then great, I’ll use anything.

Remember though that there is no-one between you and me. No middle man. You have full access to the temple, the curtain is torn in two! Yes, that’s a metaphor but it also actually happened in the physical world, two thousand years ago. Never forget that.

Ask me to give you my faith for impact. Ask me to give you my faith for healing. And then move as I nudge you. It doesn’t really matter how you express the “nudge”. Yes, “nudge” is the word we’ve been using more recently but that you do it is so much more important to me. Hear and act as I invite you to, one thing at a time.

And keep bringing things back to me. The things you don’t understand and the things you’d simply love to know more about. Remember … nothing is off limits. You can talk to me about anything, explore anything and everything with me. Yes, even the things you’d never say out loud to another human. You are safe with me.

“Safe” doesn’t mean that I won’t sometimes stretch you. Life is an opportunity to grow and that can sometimes feel incredibly uncomfortable in the moment but that’s where trust comes in. You know me and you can trust me so ultimately you know that you are safe.

If you ever feel like I’m inviting you into something that doesn’t feel safe, bring that to me too. There is nothing off limits and I don’t chastise you for talking to me about things you feel uncertain about. I love you and walking this out with you is a joy and a delight to me. You are a joy and a delight to me!

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