You are my precious one

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Do not worry. Stop worrying. Refuse to worry. Worry is grounded in fear and fear is not from me. It’s time to let me help you embrace the joy in this moment, the joy in connection. And when things happen that are different to what you had planned, when someone calls unexpectedly and interrupts your plans, embrace the love and joy in that moment too.

You don’t need to worry about how you will do everything. I never asked you to do everything, I simply invite you to move with me, one moment at a time. Even as you step into each brand new day I already know the things that are going to happen. I go ahead of you to prepare the way and travel behind you to protect you. Nothing catches me by surprise!

As such, you really can refuse to worry. Instead, expect to hear me, expect the invitations, and ask me how and when we’re going to do or experience or engage in each invitation together. Together is key. I’m right there with you. Open your eyes and see me. You can hear me so why not expect to see me? It’s simply another sense to let me help tune to the heartbeat of heaven.

Yes, all of your senses operate a little differently from each other but is it too much to be able to take me at my word and know that I am in the room with you? I am always with you. Always. Every moment of every day. Where could you go that would make you unreachable, untouchable, unlovable? That’s right … nowhere! Nothing can ever separate you from me and my love for you.

And so it’s time to live in the reality of my ever-presentness and my all-encompassing love for you. Live and love moment by moment, day by day, from the reality of who you are to me precious one.

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