You are the object of my desire

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I don’t need you, I want you. I am complete in myself, Father, Son, Spirit, and I desire to be in community with you. Understand that there is a massive difference between need and want. Yes, I will supply all your needs, seek first the Kingdom and I’ll take care of the rest, but guess what? Your wants excite and interest me too because I am motivated by my want, my desire. You are the object of my desire, my want.

You’ve been taught that I’m not a magic genie standing to attention ready to poof into existence every whim you have and it’s true, I’m not a genie. I’m so much better than that! But don’t fall for the lie that I’m uninterested in your desires, the desires of your heart. I’m very interested in them. I gave them to you!

Those things you hold dearly, those things you’d love to see in the world, your deepest “why”? All from me! So as your God who operates from desire, why shouldn’t I be interested in yours?

Ask me to show you what that means from my perspective Ask me how I see those desires unfolding and what you can do to help release them.

Hold your desires loosely, don’t strangle life out of the the thing you love, and let me hold your desires with you. One touch from me will see those desires both fulfilled and transformed! You have an inkling of the things om my heart for you but when the fuller picture is revealed you’re going to be dazzled!

And it starts by recognising what it is I have put inside of you, the treasure buried deep, your ultimate “why”. Start there, with me, and watch and look with wonder as those dreams and desires come to life in me!

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