You can have big expectations of me!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I am a good Dad and I love to give good gifts. I want to surprise and delight you today. Yes, ask me for the things you need, safe in the knowledge that I know and am moving and allow me to surprise you today. Let me open all of your senses so you can recognise me when I move in your life today. And expect me to do so. Yes, you can have great big expectations of me!

The miracles didn’t end with the bible. My wonder didn’t cease with the final pen stroke. I am as active today as I ever have been and it is time for you to see me move in a real and tangible way in your life.

Yes, I can hear you. You hesitate as you hear those words from me because you feel like you’ve been waiting for such a long time. You’ve been so patient, pressing in and not giving up. You hardly dare believe that now is the time.

You think you’ve been waiting a long time? Consider this moment from my perspective. I knew this moment would come and I have been waiting since eternity past. Now that really is a long time! Know that I’ve been eagerly awaiting this moment with you.

Let us embrace this moment together. This moment is special. Pause right here and let me love you. Allow yourself to receive everything I have for you. And no, you don’t need to worry. I am the very best gift giver and I know you even better and more intimately than you know yourself. Everything from me is good. Any other way would be outside of my character and I will not move outside of who I am.

Who am I? I am patient and kind. I do not envy or boast. I am not proud or self-seeking. I honour you, always. I’m not easily angered and I hold nothing against you. I always protect, always trust, always hope, always persevere. Never delighting in evil and instead always rejoicing with the truth, I never fail! I am love.

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