You can have fun with me!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You can have fun with me. More than that, you can expect to have fun with me. Yes, there is hurt in this world, so much pain and suffering it makes me weep. And yes, there are things I invite you to be a part of that will help alleviate some of that pain. And at the same time, why shouldn’t you and I have fun together helping impact the world for good? You don’t make someone’s pain less painful by beating yourself with it! Have empathy. Embrace kindness. Do what you can in whatever small way you can do it. And expect to have fun with me. It’s not either/or!

Why am I bringing you here today? Because you’ve grown up believing that I am very serious and that in order to be properly heard by me, you must be very serious too. And I didn’t create you to be serious. I created you with the gift of joy! You are here to bring light to the dark places, to help people smile when they can’t help themselves, to be the physical reality of childlike wonder and delight. You can’t be everything I created you to be if you’re trying very, very hard to be serious!

Stop trying to be who you think I need you to be and instead ask me who I see when I look at you. Ask me what was on my mind when I hand-crafted you with my love. Let me show you who I love, how treasured and adored you really are.

And then ask me about the person sitting next to you. Ask me what it would look like to love them like I love. Ask me what’s on my heart for them right now. And then ask me if I’m ready for you to share my love with them. Ask me to help you to do that in the way that will allow them to receive my love. That’s going to look different for different people and in different seasons but ask, expecting an answer.

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