You make my heart sing big!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There is a difference between resting in me and lethargy. Not all tiredness is created equal and I’m inviting you to notice the differences at play. 

There are times when you feel physically tired. Your whole body slowly shows off the symptoms of tiredness no matter how much coffee you drink. Instead of fighting against the way I created you, take this as a reminder to sleep!

There are times when you feel mentally depleted. Your brain gets fuzzy and you can’t take anymore. This is a reminder to stop the inputs and allow my love to whisper to you. Less really is more.

There are times when you’ll slip into procrastination and you’ll “wake up” an hour later feeling exhausted. This is a reminder to resist! There is little the enemy would love more than to watch you while your time away on meaningless busy. I’m not suggesting that you don’t engage in the activities in your day. Of course not! What I am suggesting is that the pull to fill your day with tasks and check lists might sometimes be a distraction.

By contrast, there are other times when you’re raring to go, like a wild horse aching to be free! This is a reminder to notice your energy levels, notice that you feel unstoppable – and play with me!

And just like how not all tiredness is created equal, I didn’t create you to be a one-dimensional character. You have quirks and eccentricities, funny little habits that impact the way you tick, and the more you embrace all the different things that make you who you are, the bigger my smile!

Yes, you make me smile. You make me smile big! As I see you move through the world, my heart delights in you. Every time you choose to be everything I created you to be, the louder my heart sings!

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