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A lifestyle of daily exploration

A lifestyle of daily exploration

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

For every problem under the sun there are a myriad of solutions. The answer is not to find the one magic solution to the thing that most frustrates you right now. The answer is to seek me for my solution in this moment. I am more creative than you ever give me credit for!

I’m inviting you into a lifestyle of seeking, a lifestyle of daily exploration. Yes, I will give you ideas and invitations, things to aim for, but if you practiced daily seeking, daily exploration with me, you’d arrive at every single destination with ease, hit every single goal without ever needing a five year plan, and move into my very best for you.

What would a lifestyle of daily exploration look like? That’s what I’m inviting you to discover with me in a brand new way today. And no-one can do this for you. Yes, I want that same kind of intimacy, that relationship, with all of my dear ones, but there are no short cuts. You can’t read the latest word from a prophet who you look up to and expect that that will give you the real answer.

Yes, they can nudge you, point you back to me, but only you can have your conversation with me. Only you can explore with me what our life together will look like today. Only you have the specific collection of gifts and passions that you have to offer in service to the world. Only you can be you!

You are not a mistake or an accident. I was very intentional when I created you and I did so with this moment, this day, in mind. Explore with me today what daily exploration really looks like. What does it look like to really live life guided by my Spirit? Ask me!

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