Sam Says
Beautiful and done from my perspective

Beautiful and done from my perspective

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

My timing is perfect. You are exactly where you need to be and nothing is ever lost or wasted. Everything that led up to this moment, all of it is soaked with my love and grace. Yes, even those times when we weren’t speaking. You might not have been speaking to me but I never stopped whispering to you. I never stopped loving you and I take all things, all moments, all experiences, and transform them to good.

You wish you could have your time over and be where we are now ten years ago but that’s not how life works. You are who you are today because of the journey we have travelled together, all of the pieces of your story adding to the beauty. As such, there is no need for regrets or “if only”. Forget the past. Learn from it but then let it go. And remember what I have said already: I am doing a new thing. Better than that, from my perspective it is already done and it is beautiful!

Can you guess what makes it so beautiful and delightful? You and me together. I want to travel this journey with you, co-labourers, and it breaks my heart when you get tangled up in thoughts of failure and defeat. I am for you, not against you. I am with you, never leaving or forsaking you. It is time to rise up my dearly beloved and step into the grace, love and power I am clothing you in.

Robes of righteousness, empowered by my love. Take a deep breath in. I am closer than the air that you breathe and so much more powerful and able. Breathe out and allow yourself to be refreshed in me. Beautiful and done from my perspective. Let’s walk out that reality, together.

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