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Can you take me at my word and thrive?

Can you take me at my word and thrive?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What if you stopped thinking and planning based on efficiency? What if you didn’t look for the quickest, most effective way to get something done? I’m not asking you to waste time, that would be silly, but instead I’m inviting you to not be ruled by time.

Yes, I know we’ve explored this before but you’re still not really getting it. I understand that from your perspective, time is something that you feel like you never have enough of. You find yourself constantly trying to manipulate time so you can give yourself a sense of “getting ahead”. You want to create space in your day but do you know what you’re wanting to create space for?

Spaciousness for the sake of spaciousness is a waste. What is it that you’re really desiring? What kind of a day would most make you smile? What are the things you love to do that you feel like you never have enough time for?

I can meet and surpass your greatest desires. I know the things that bring you joy because I created you with those pieces inside of you. I also know how your relationship with time works, the way that the clock has the ability to paralyse you or motivate you, depending upon the circumstances.

This is an opportunity to explore with me the kind of life you’d most like to live. Not every moment of every single day is going to be glorious but what if we could move closer to that as your default?

Yes, part of that is about shifting your definition of glorious because this is about recognising the delight and beauty all around you, but it is possible for most days to be delightful. Do you really believe that? What needs to change for you to take me at my word and really thrive?

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