Sam Says
Engage me in everything

Engage me in everything

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I know you’re itching to start playing with everything I have for you. That’s wonderful and there is value in partnering with me, allowing me to share my thoughts with you, even if that means waiting.

You don’t enjoy waiting, you want to get stuck in, but what if the waiting could be glorious? Part of the reason you don’t enjoy waiting is because you’re so aware of your mortality but you can trust me. When you move with me you are not going to run out of time.

You almost find yourself thinking of our time together as something to “get done out of the way” ahead of the “real work” of the day, all of the things that need doing, but that’s not how I see our relationship.

I’m right there with you as you do your “real work”. I’m with you in the doing and I don’t want to be left on the sidelines. What if your “real work” could be as much of an act of worship as when we’re sitting together quietly? Because all of life can be worship.

You’re called a living sacrifice for a reason because everything you do, when you do it with me, with an awareness, the reality of my ever-presentness, all of it “counts”. All of it brings me great joy.

So why not ask me what today looks like from my perspective? Ask me what I’d love to explore with you today. Those things you’re excited about, I am excited about too. Let’s do those things together. All of it, even the pieces that you imagine don’t need much thought or input. Engage me in all of it. Engage me in everything!

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