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Good is the enemy of great

Good is the enemy of great

It’s time to start noticing those things that bring life and joy into your day. What are those things that excite and energise you? And what, by contrast, tends to leave you feeling depleted? There are some things you do simply because they’re part of a bigger picture, things that might not be in and of themselves life giving. That’s okay, not every single thing you do is going to be fun.

But what if the things that do feel fun to you were clues to help you move forward into my best for you? And what if you gave yourself permission to say, “no thank you” sometimes? The sky will not fall down if you don’t agree to every request that is made of you!

Understand that this is not about being rude or running in search of pleasure at all costs. This is about recognising that there are some things, even seemingly good things, that are not my best for you. Good is the enemy of great and I want great things for you! Let me show you what “great” looks like, one invitation at a time.

“There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 MSG

Journal prompt: What are the good things in my life that are getting in the way of your best for me?

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