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I am doing a new thing

I am doing a new thing

Everything has been leading to this moment. Every experience and opportunity, every gift and talent, every tear of frustration and every disappointment. You are the product of everything that has gone before and I am doing a new thing, making a way through the wasteland.

You don’t see how everything fits together or how dreams and visions I gave you years ago are for right now but you don’t need to know or understand it all in order to move forward. It’s uncomfortable for you but you can take the next step with me before seeing the outcome.

What if you won’t see the full outcome until you take the next step? Have you considered that? Not because I’m holding out on you or trying to test you but simply because you taking the next step is a necessary part of the final outcome.

Dreams are being unlocked and fulfilled as you take the next step - and not just your dreams. This is about more than just you. You are the answer to someone else’s prayer. You are a part of the solution. Believe me, take me at my word, and move forward with me.

“We know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” Romans 5: 3b+4 NIV

Journal prompt: What is the next step you’re inviting me to take today?

Thank you for enjoying today’s love note. If you know someone who’d benefit from it, please share - and thank you for doing so!


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