Sam Says
I am for everyone

I am for everyone

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Every day with you is special and today is no exception. You believe the lie that you’re “just you” and that your day to day life is uninteresting and ordinary but every, single day with you is an adventure. There is nothing “just” about any of my beloved children – and that includes you!

If your life is feeling uninteresting to you, what needs to happen to change that? Your feelings are not the final word, they’re simply an indication, but if your days are feeling uninteresting, it’s time for something to shift.

Whether that shift needs to be a literal shift and you get up and go outside for a walk, or whether that shift is more to do with changing the way you see things, I am with you. That alone is enough to make this day spectacular! Am I uninteresting or ordinary? Exactly! So as you do today with me, you can expect interesting and extraordinary happenings.

Your life is a miracle. Never forget that. I know you don’t always feel like this is the case but again, your feelings are not the final word. What if you took me at my word and believed who I say you are?

Yes, this is about identity again because your identity is so important to me. The only way to actively reject a lie is to flood it with the truth, my truth. You are my precious one, child of the King of kings, known and chosen before I laid the foundations of the world, fearfully and wonderfully made on purpose and for a purpose.

Lift up your head, roll back your shoulders and stand tall. This isn’t about being arrogant or conceited. This is simply about knowing and owning your worth because of who you are to me. And never forget who the person in front of you is to me too. I love you unreservedly and without question and this isn’t an exclusive club. My love is for everyone. I am for everyone.

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