Sam Says
I am singing over you

I am singing over you

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Today I’m inviting you to dance with me. Dance with me and before me with the joy I am putting in your heart. Move your body. Lift up your feet. Wiggle your fingers. And smile.

Yes, there is a need for respect and I don’t want you to be flippant but you can lighten up. You don’t need to be serious or sombre with me. I am inviting you to dance because I want to invite you into an even deeper experience of a life of joy with me.

I want to fill you with such an experience of my joy that it oozes out of you, bubbles up and explodes all over your face! Yes, your face that you take with you everywhere you go. I want my joy in you to be so obvious, to infect and impact the people your face meets today.

And not just your face. Open your mouth and sing. I’m giving a new song and it is a song of joy and worship and celebration. It’s a song you can return to when you need a reminder of my joy in you and yes, share it with others. My joy is not just for you and you won’t use it up or wear it out by sharing!

And never forget that you are never singing alone. Your song joins with the heavenly choir yes and I am singing with you. I am singing a new song over you right now at this very moment. It is a song of love and delight. It is a song to strengthen weary limbs. It is my song especially for you. Let’s sing it together!

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